What Technology Does The ShareIt App Use?

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ShareIt – Transfer and Share has recently established itself as one of the best offline file transfer tool for Android devices. It allows transfer of various file types such as music, applications, images, videos, documents and much more. It lets you transfer files from one mobile device to the other without any mobile data or additional data cost. It is rated very high on the Google Play Store with a rating of 4.5/5 beating all of its alternatives. As of now, the app has over 100 million user downloads.

What Technology Does The ShareIt App Use

ShareIt also supports PC connectivity for mobile devices. PC connectivity allows file transfer between Android devices and computers. On top of all this, it comes with a “Phone replicate” features which allows the transfer of all transferrable files on an Android device to another Android device – basically creating a replica of the sender device. It is a great app for people who have recently bought a new mobile phone. However, there are a lot of people who wonder how the application actually works. Well, below is a short description for the query.

Technology Behind Shareit

The technology used behind ShareIt is fairly simple to explain. It uses the concept of Wi-Fi direct – a feature pre installed in almost all latest Android devices available in the market. By using Wi-Fi direct, a host server is created within the application for other devices to connect and share in. The receiver then has to join the hosted server and the file transfer can be done as long as both the sender and receiver devices are connected to each other on the server.

Technology Behind Shareit

As many people previously believed, the application uses no kind of Bluetooth, NFC, and internet usage. Although when tested by internet speed calculating applications, ShareIt does show internet usage while transferring files. This speed however is not used from your mobile data but from the server Wi-Fi data. As no actual internet connectivity is involved, it uses the max possible Wi-Fi speed for transferring files.

Although surprising, this is not a major innovation by ShareIt. Many applications previously have used the Wi-Fi direct feature for file transferring, however, none have yet been able to match the speed and stability of ShareIt. ShareIt is also known for its ability to create the servers very fast while its competitors require a lot of scanning or different methods to create a host server. Credit here goes to the developers for making the tweaks as this still remains unknown.


The idea and technology behind ShareIt intrigues many people. How the app without internet connectivity can transfer applications at such a fast rate is quite surprising. However, the question is rather simple to answer.

The Wi-Fi direct feature in Android devices has been available for a while now. ShareIt just bettered the concept by creating an application which simplifies the task of file transferring and also allows many other features to users.

What Technology Does The ShareIt App Use?
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