SHAREit: Learn to Transfer Files from One Android Phone to Other

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Who’d be willing to waste their time and energy on a slow system that struggles to do basic tasks? Yet this is exactly what most of us are forced to do when we share our content via Bluetooth. Bluetooth is rarely quick; most of the time the files struggle across at slow speeds. But all of that is past! SHAREit is here to save us from the misery.

shareit phone to pc

SHAREit is here to make your heaviest files rush across with lightning speed. The app works using WiFi connection to establish a secure connection. This essentially means this entire bandwidth is entirely free to carry your files. This is what makes the app so lightning fast!

Is it any wonder then that the app has over half a billion followers? If you could see what all this app can do for you, you’d be in love with it too. So why don’t we walk you through the basics of using SHAREit? Let’s go ahead then.

How to use SHAREit to transfer files on Android:

We’re assuming you’ve done the Installation for SHAREit App for Android already. Well then, here’s the steps you gotta follow and your movies, TV shows and documents will be flying across to your friends’ Android phones in a matter of seconds.

  1. On the phone you have your files to send, press “Send”.
  2. Select all the files you want to share with your friends. There is no upper limit to the size, type or number of files you want to share in one go. Choose documents, videos, songs and pictures just as easily.
  3. Go ahead and press next, and you’ll see a radar like screen.
  4. Tell your friends to press “Receive” on their app screens.
  5. Search and tap their icons on your screen. They should be visible in a short while.
  6. That’s it! Your files will blaze right across. The speed is almost 200 times that you get on Bluetooth. So you can imagine it isn’t going to take more than a few minutes to copy entire GBs of data which would ordinarily take close to an hour.

Sharing files over SHAREit app for Android; some tips and tricks:

Sometimes people have some problems connecting to their friends’ phones and devices. Other issues may occasionally crop up too. And so we think it best to also mention how to troubleshoot some of the commonest errors, however rarely one might face them.

  • SHAREit won’t find my friend on the Radar! Help?
    It can happen sometimes that your app won’t recognise your friends’ devices. So what’s the way out? You could try reverse connection. Send something from the other device to your own. That way you can check if you’re on the same network and also make sure there are no hardware issues preventing connection. You may use the connection formed to send files over, or you may try a fresh connection.
  • SHAREit was fast before, but now it’s slow. Is it useless now?
    The commonest reason your SHAREit file transfer slows down is if your WiFi connection is weak or if the WiFi network is being used by someone else as well. No need to get people off the WiFi though. You can disconnect your WiFi altogether, and SHAREit will make your phone into a hotspot to which your friend can connect. Thus, you get quick file transfer plus a private network. And it won’t cost you your internet either!
  • Where are my files that I received through SHAREit?
    Normally, the location of your files is set by default to a folder named “SHAREit” in internal storage. You can change it to any other folder you might want your files to go to. You can always check and edit the location by going to “Settings” in the hamburger menu on the top left of the app’s homescreen.

So this is all about how to send files from one Android to another using SHAREit. Do let us know if we missed answering any of your questions. We’ll get to it ASAP.

SHAREit: Learn to Transfer Files from One Android Phone to Other
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