8 Personality types represented by their SHAREit Avatars

3 years ago

So we’ve all used Avatars on SHAREit for Windows, have we not? In fact, it is one of the first few features we are introduced to when we open the app. Have you ever wondered why people choose the avatar they do? How do different people perceive themselves and how do they want to be perceived by others, and how can you get to know all of that from their SHAREit Avatars? Read below to find out.


The Eggplant

The Eggplant is a laid back sort of Avatar to keep. It has the very safe yet very trendy hair style, sort of like how you feel your hair looks when you’re riding a car with no roof. The Eggplant is one slick person because it conveys that you’re chill but also that you look stylish. It takes no grief from nobody.

The Mushroom

The Mushroom reminds me of a secret service agent. It just has that air of suaveness and mystery. The sunglasses get so well and the top resembles a hat so well that you can’t help getting those vibes of carefreeness. Am I right? The Mushroom prefers to keep it professional, and it may prefer to remain solitary.

The Carrot

The Carrot avatar is such a happy and pleasant person. It looks so pleased with life that you tend to forget your problems too. The catchy orange color gels well with the almost fluorescent green foliage on top, and that’s how they see their personalities in the drab world outside. The most colourful lot the lot, I say.

The Grape

The Innocent Grape avatar is indicative of the person being a child at heart and in demeanour. The shimmering black eyes are so truthful and sensitive, you might just want to give the toy a hug and a hot cup of cocoa. Grapes are also great perceivers and do not condone harshness or violence of any sort.

The Chilli

Ah yes, the spicy sharp chilli. The temperamentality is not hidden, and the sternness is not apologised for. The Chilli is a declaration that one’s principles are not up to be set aside, and the person won’t shy away from conflict to defend their integrity. The Chilli can be a bit scathing, but it does not intend to hurt for the fun of it, only to bring out the better qualities of its fellows.

The Apple

The Apple is a perpetual teenager. It is awkward, turns red on whim, and doesn’t hide itself, rather displays itself proudly. The apple is shy and observant. It takes time to get to know people, and doesn’t shy away from flaunting fruity odors. The greenness is sometimes an indication of self deprecation, and at other times it is a proud declaration of being of a different mould.

The Pear

There is nothing that won’t tickle a Pear to death. The Pear is proud of its body and soul and doesn’t take judgement from others about its appearance to heart. In fact, you’ll hear it laughing those opinions off. They’re sweet, generally soft spoken but also intense and encouraging to everyone who comes in peace.

The Pineapple

The Pineapple can be prickly. It is very stuck in its ways, and won’t be shaken easily. It is up to date with being trendy but it finds itself prone to hurting those who come near it. For a while, getting to know one intimately can also leave a bad taste on the tongue. But only a truly patient and loving person will be able to stick with one and realise the nourishment the Pineapple can bring to everyone close to them. It Takes a Pineapple to know a Pineapple, I guess.

8 Personality types represented by their SHAREit Avatars
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