SHAREit App Download – Connect and Transfer Files with Ease

3 years ago

SHAREit is going to rock your world. It is the app to go to when you want to share a huge load of files. No matter the extensions, the total size, the individual size or other specifications; SHAREit will get your files going in a jiffy.

SHAREit is an app I personally recommend for a lot of reasons. It is slick, fashionably designed and doesn’t have an interface jarring to look at. It is arguably the quickest app in the market. Plus it helps you transfer your data from one device to another new device with a single click.

Before we go on telling you how to get it for your device, let’s list some important features of the app.

SHAREit features:

  • SHAREit lets you transfer a huge bulk of files within a matter of seconds; so quick that tech like Bluetooth and USB3.0 appear all but obsolete.
  • The app displays stats from your last completed transfer plus your overall history of sending and receiving data. That lends it a very sophisticated feel.
  • SHAREit connects your phone over a mock WiFi network. This means the file transfer is almost instantaneous.
  • SHAREit’s mock WiFi network is completely private. This means your data is not discoverable by any user you choose not to connect with.
  • SHAREit will let you duplicate your data, including chats, app data and all sorts of other files and transfer them to a new device.
  • The best feature perhaps is that the sharing is effortless; tap your friend’s avatar when you click “Receive” and you can get multiple files within seconds!

This is one app you absolutely have to try! Here’s how to get it for your device.

SHAREit for Mac

SHAREit is available on the App Store for free. All one needs to do is visit the App Store on their Mac and search for it there in the search bar. The app is just below 30 MB, so it doesn’t take uch time to download either. Once you are done downloading, you can share all sorts of files from one device to many others in a jiffy.

SHAREit for Windows PC

SHAREit is available for Windows too. It is not available on the Store though. The app listed there is called “ShareIt”; do not be misled into believing that’s the app you want. You can visit their official site and download the correct version from there. It is just under 10 MB, so it’ll be quick to download. You can set up the app pretty easily and you’re good to go.


How to share files using SHAREit for Windows PC

We understand it might be confusing to get the hang of the app when you’re new to it. Especially since the app does not have an inbuilt tutorial. So here are concise steps to follow to send or receive files, as you please.

To Receive files on your device

  • Open your SHAREit app.
  • Press “Receive”
  • Once the other person has chosen which files to send, you will discover their avatar on your screen. Tap it.
  • Let the files transfer. You are done in a few seconds.

To Send files from your device

  • Open your SHAREit app.
  • Press “Send”
  • Select all the files you need to transfer to your friend. Then press “Next”.
  • Tap the your friend’s avatar on the Radar-like interface.
  • Sit back while your files are transferred in a matter of seconds.

SHAREit for Windows PC Verdict

So if you’re wondering how we liked SHAREit, here’s the 411. SHAREit is pretty simple and effective to use. It gets the job done, and pretty well at that. The interface is cute, almost childish. But it adds to the welcoming and easy feel of the app. The app could have done with a clear tutorial, as many users have cribbed about. But it does make up for the initial possible frustration by the easy and efficient feel that is lent to it by the design as well as the nifty feature of displaying the transfer stats on the top of the screen. So what do we say? We say go for it! With SHAREit, there is great promise and a hundred possibilities!

SHAREit App Download – Connect and Transfer Files with Ease
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