What Makes The ShareIt app Faster Than Bluetooth?

a couple of years ago

Since the contrivance of mobile phones, there have been a lot of changes in the world of tech. A major change took place when the Symbian mobile phones replaced the wiry and tangled landlines. As time passed by, the iconic Symbian devices got replaced by the smartphones.

Bluetooth could be found in both Symbian devices and smartphones. People used Bluetooth on Symbian Devices to transfer files, photos, videos, etc. and it was convenient to do so but as smartphones came into existence, Bluetooth usage started feeling slow and sluggish.

shareit vs bluetooth

It would take hours or so to exchange some files and let’s face it, it indeed is quite tiresome, especially when you urgently need them. Not long ago, Lenovo came up with the creation of ShareIt which would, once again, bring a change in the tech-world.

What is ShareIt?

ShareIt is a free application for mobile devices which lets users transfer files between devices which sport Wi-Fi Technology. ShareIt uses Wi-Fi direct concept, peer to peer networking and Wi-Fi hotspot to transfer the files between the devices.

The App allows you to share huge files without using any data connection. While Bluetooth has never been able to share the contacts, ShareIt can do it within a matter of seconds. ShareIt can be used on Windows, Windows Phone, Android or iOS devices.

How is ShareIt Faster than Bluetooth?

Consider this, you want to exchange a file of size more than 1 GB and it will take not hours but days to do so because it has KB/s connectivity, whereas ShareIt will easily transfer the file in approximately 15 minutes. Bluetooth may even lag many a times and is prone to constant interruption in between whereas ShareIt is exactly the opposite and will only stop when you want it to.


There is no shame in agreeing that Bluetooth created an easier environment by introducing the wireless connectivity but it is ShareIt which surpasses it by miles because of its Herculean speed.

Bluetooth did bring a change with its wireless idea and was designed for low energy consumption and moderate data transmission but ShareIt seems to be having way more success due to its idea of transferring the files through Wi-Fi connectivity which easily gives 60-65 MB/s speed.

In ShareIt, there is participation of two parties, a receiver and a sender. When either one of them creates a Wi-Fi hotspot, the other one will connect to it and a local network will form automatically. Both the sides will have the IP Addresses and therefore sender can send a file and it will be transferred with the way of TCP and the receiver will automatically be identified with the help of IP Address former with the connection earlier.

Final Verdict

All the above things come to only one conclusion and it is that ShareIt is  way easier, faster and compatible in comparison to Bluetooth. If you still use Bluetooth, we would advise you to get ShareIt right away. All you need to do is to download SHAREit from Play Store and enjoy a faster experience.

What Makes The ShareIt app Faster Than Bluetooth?
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