Lenovo ShareIt: Further Ameliorated

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Sharing files from one device to another is a painstaking experience. For most of the Android and Window users, sharing files is a huge task. Till now transferring files via BlueTooth has been the traditional way, where you connect your device with others, share a file, and disconnect the connection. The loophole here is that BlueTooth does not transfer movies or other important folders.

Lenovo Shareit

If you were to transfer a PPT folder to your laptop using BlueTooth, it might have taken more than an hour or so. Since ShareIt has been launched in the market people feel more comfortable in sharing or transferring files from one device to another. Well, one of the basic reason for this is that ShareIt takes less than a minute to transfer huge files like movies, music album, PPT, etc.

In fact, we all know that it’s impossible for Android users to transfer files to iOS devices, for example, Mac, iPhone, iPad, and other Apple devices. To solve this issue Lenovo launched its massive creation in 2011 – ShareIt.

ShareIt undoubtedly transfers unlimited content from one device to another in seconds. Now Lenovo has added a new string of features to the application, which can make you a fan of it.

Added Features

Once connected to PC, ShareIt can do wonders for you starting from giving you a backup of your folders, photos, music and other essential stuff. So connect your PC with your smartphone, transfer files, create a storage data, and forget about losing your stuff saved on your phone or PC.

Another amazing feature to count upon is the remote control system. So once your phone is connected to your PC, share PPT folder with your PC, and control it through your phone. Therefore, rather than changing every slide through the Laptop keys, just use your phone to do the same. In Fact, you can share photos through ShareIt can create a slideshow for your family members and allow them to see the pictures without any interruption.

For most of the users, ShareIt has removed the need of using USB to transfer or receiving files from your PC to phone or vice-versa.

One of the biggest feature to die for is a direct connection with your laptop. So whether you have your laptop with you or not, ShareIt allows you to explore the entire storage space of your PC on your phone. No other application can provide you such amazing high-tech feature. So you’re in a meeting and want to access a particular file that you forgot to transfer onto your phone, slide towards left, click on the laptop option, make a connection, and stream the folder directly on the big screen.

Final verdict

So as much as you want, it’s going to be difficult for you to ignore ShareIt. Download the application today and enjoy unlimited sharing and transferring of files in few seconds.

Lenovo ShareIt: Further Ameliorated
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