Get SHAREit for Android and iOS for Free

3 years ago

Android is rapidly moving up with the other operating system in the race of functions, features and applications. One of the application programs is SHAREit for PC, which is awesome for sharing pictures, applications and other documents with no Wi-Fi and network costs. This guide will help you to know the usage of SHAREit for iOS and android.


Download SHAREit for iPhone & Android

SHAREit has millions of user and it’s the most trusted app for file transferring. So, we have come up with the method and links to download it for iOS and Android. SHAREit has no cost which is one of the features users like the most. The Lenevo developers have developed this application which ensures its authenticity, accuracy and legal.

Almost every user should keep this application on their smart phone as it comes free. To download this application, on the default browser of your handset, visit the Google Play Store or Apple Store and write “SHAREit” on the search bar.

Note: There are plenty of similar apps like SHAREit, so make sure that you download the right one. Just official app is developed by “SHAREit Technologies Co.Ltd “ . To direct download the app, just click on the icons given below

android app shareit





When you click on these icons, you’ll be redirected to Google Play Store and the Apple store respectively. Now, you will find the install/get buttons just in front of you on the list and your one click on install button will enable you to download the application.

After sometime, the application will automatically get downloaded on your Smartphone. When it is downloaded on your phone, you will be able to see the its icon on the menu section of your phone (for Android), and on the home screen too.

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SHAREit app and it’s usage

In this section, you will come to know the reasons why this app has become necessary for every handset and how amazing it is. You must be keeping your photos, applications, files on your device and you must be transferring it to other devices at certain times when required.shareit-apk downloadSharing of photos and applications was not possible earlier, but now with the application like SHAREit, transfer of applications has become pretty easy. With the help of SHAREit, now you can share your files, applications and photos to other handsets and tablets, which must have SHAREit too.

The procedure is here….

To share a file, you have to press the send button from your application. Next, you have to select your files which you want to send to other device, when you select your files, click next. After that the application will check for other devices which have SHAREit, now open that SHAREit application on the other device and press receive. When you send the files you will find that the file is going quickly. It is 40 times faster than Bluetooth. The interesting part is transferring video or any application is such an easy feat. After that, it will receive the files on your device on which you shared the files.  In the same way you can transfer the files to your PC.  It will help you to share your heavy files within very less time.

While USB devices are not safe, SHAREit is safe and secure, and also very easy to manage. It doesn’t save your data anywhere else, but it directly keeps your data on the device. It is very easy now to share your data without any hassle to other devices. SHAREit is like a boon to the users of smart phone, tablets and computers. All you require is a SHAREit installed device which can make sharing of files comfortable for you.

Get SHAREit for Android and iOS for Free
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