Best Way To Install Shareit On Windows 10 Laptop

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What is ShareIt?

ShareIt is around for awhile now. What does it do? ShareIt allows you to transfer or share files from one device to another within few seconds. ShareIt is an amazing application for Windows, Android, iOS, and BlackBerry users. Potentially, it can transfer files, save data, share information in seconds, etc.

ShareIt is a perfect replacement for Bluetooth and USB attachment. While Bluetooth takes a minute or so to transfer data, ShareIt in no time transfers information. A major perk of ShareIt is that it allows you to share information with iOS users, which was, of course, an impossible task for Android users. Having ShareIt on your smartphone and other devices is a bonus!

Install Shareit In Windows 10 Laptop

Install ShareIt: Windows 10

ShareIt is an only application that works with varied devices and operating systems and downloading it is quite simple. Here are few steps collected for your reference:-

Step 1 – Visit the official website of ShareIt Lenovo through your web browser.

Step 2 – Click on the box which says,”Windows desktop version”.

Step 3 – As the file is downloaded, hit on the “Exe.” file.

Step 4 – Moving towards the installation process, click on the “run” option.

Step 5 – Tap on the “yes” button.

Step 6 – Now accept all the terms and conditions of ShareIt.

install shareit

Step 7 – Click on “next” > “next” > “next”.

Step 8 – Soon the installation process will commence.

Step 9 – As the installation process finishes, hit on “finish” option.

Step 10 – Now the application will open, just move forward and share or receive files easily. This was the easiest way to download and install ShareIt on your Windows desktop.

How to use ShareIt on the laptop?

ShareIt creates its own connection with other devices. So you just need to search for the device on your laptop, connect it, and share/transfer files, folders, movies, videos, songs, documents, etc easily. It’s amazing as it eliminates the need to have a USB wire for the exchange of information.

Still, to make you work simpler, we have listed down few steps for your convenience:-

  • If you want to receive a file, click on receive.

shareit app

  • Make a connection with the sender’s device.
  • Agree to pair
  • Now you can easily receive files from the other end.

This was all about ShareIt application for Windows desktop. Every device, platform, and operating system should have ShareIt, it not only provides you a platform to transfer files easily but also enables you to remotely access files on your PC and save essential information and create a storage disk out of it.

Best Way To Install Shareit On Windows 10 Laptop
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